Amazon Reportedly Delaying Prime Day to October Amid Coronavirus Spike Across US, According to Leaked Emails

Amazon is reportedly delaying Prime Day once again, amid coronavirus cases spiking all across the United States. According to Business Insider, leaked emails sent to sellers revealed the plans to move the date back yet again, this time to October. The outlet cites Oct. 5 as a "placeholder" date, but does not state if this is officially confirmed by the company.

"Every year, Prime Day is a huge hit with customers, who enjoy some of the best deals of the year," one email read. "A definitive date will be announced as we get closer to the event." Another email stated that Prime Day will likely be held at some time during the "first half of October." The email added, "I understand this is a change to the previously communicated timing, however, you can consider this date update final."

Prime Day is typically held in July, but CNET notes that in May there were reports it would be moved to September, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it will reportedly be moved back one more month. The outlet went on to state that a spokesperson for Amazon said that the company has not yet made any official announcements regarding its plans for Prime Day.

The Prime Day report comes just days after Amazon announced that it is giving out "Thank You bonus" to its front-line workers. The bonuses are to show the company's gratitude to those who have worked hard and put in long hours amid the coronavirus pandemic. The bonuses will total over $500 million and will be given to "front-line workers" who remained employed with the company through June, according to CNN. The bonus announcement was made after it was revealed that Amazon has eliminated the $2 per hour raise that workers were given early on during the pandemic.

Amazon's senior vice president of worldwide operations, Dave Clark, issued a public statement about the bonuses, saying, "Our front-line operations teams have been on an incredible journey over the last few months, and we want to show our appreciation with a special one-time Thank You bonus totaling over $500 million. The bonuses will be given to delivery drivers, warehouse laborers, and Whole Foods employees, among others. They will be given out based on a tier system that Amazon has created, which will determine how much of a bonus the varying types of employees will get.