Barron Trump and Family Seen Returning to the White House and He Towers Over Donald and Melania

Barron Trump, the 13-year-old son of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania, was recently spotted returning to the White House, and it's clear that he towers over his family now. In photos shared by the Daily Mail, Barron is seen walking alongside his parents on the White House lawn, and while his father stands tall at 6'3, it is clear that Baron is already taller, possibly landing at around 6'4 or so, which would put him on pair with his older brother Eric.

Additionally, in the photos, Baron is sporting an all-black look, donning a dark Ralph Lauren Polo T-shirt and a pair of black pants.

Adding some color to the teen's outfit is a silver necklace and a pair of white sneakers.

Following the release of the photos, many have been taking to social media to comment on Baron's remarkable growth spurt.

"My goodness. Baron Trump is now considerably taller then his father!" one person commented. "I pray for all the Trump family's safety."

"Damn! Baron Trump has grown at least a foot taller during this presidency. Just saw him walking beside his Dad and looked to be same height," another person said.

"I haven't seen him in so long! Beautiful photos and a beautiful family," someone else tweeted.

"Wow he's tall ! And handsome hes looking just like dad when he was younger," one other person said.

"Baron has the same mouth, nose and eyelashes as his Dad. Same ears too. Handsome family. Melania's skirt is lovely," a fifth Twitter user added.


While many have been focused on Baron's height, others have commented more on his style and fashion sense, with one user quipping, "Baron Trump done got a gold chain and a polo tee."

Photo Credit: Al Drago / Getty Images