Bette Midler Reveals She 'May Hurl' Over Photos of President Trump Kissing Bride, and Social Media Chimes In

Bette Midler had a visceral reaction to a photo of President Donald Trump kissing a new bride this weekend, and Twitter had mixed reactions. Midler has been outspoken in her opposition to the president, and Saturday's post was no exception. For some, however, she made it a bit too personal.

Midler retweeted a couple of screenshots from an Instagram post featuring the president. The picture came originally from an anonymous Instagram user who apparently had the president at her wedding just recently. In the candid photo, the bride and groom cheered as they stood on either side of President Trump, who leaned in to give her a peck on the cheek.

"Eeewwwww!" Midler wrote. "I may hurl."

Midler was not alone in this reaction. The photo was blurry and obviously taken in the moment, so it showed the president and the happy couple in mid-embrace. The president wore a tight polo shirt with a blue sports coat, and he was craning his neck to plant a kiss on the bride, who was turned away. His lips were puckered and his eyes were closed, whole his hand was wrapped around her ribs on one side.

Many fans pointed out these factors, as well as the groom's apparent discomfort. His face was turned toward the president, unsmiling. Many assumed that he had the same visceral reaction as Midler, cracking jokes and making memes out of the whole situation.

"A little further to the right and he would be given (sic) her a breast exam," one person wrote. "Unbelievable!!"

"I remember this pic," tweeted another person. "Just for one second, maybe two, that dude considered punching Donald Trump right in the face."

Others felt that Midler and her followers were making a big deal out of nothing more than an ill-time photo. Social media pundit David Wohl even responded with an old photo of Midler side-by-side with Harvey Weinstein, apparently trying to imply hypocrisy on her part.

"We all may hurl, Bette," he wrote.

Still, the majority of commenters insisted that the president was over the line in the photo, even back on the Instagram page where the screenshot originally came from.

"Gross. The look on the groom’s face as the lecherous old guy gropes and kisses his bride is everything," a user wrote there.


The original post is attributed to an anonymous woman with a private account, so only her 960 followers can see the real post. If the account is legitimate, it belongs to a die-hard supporter of President Trump who was married just last month. Her caption was also carried over to the re-post.

"Still not sure if this was all real!!!!!!!???? The absolute greatest moment of our lives!!!!!!" she wrote.