Donald Trump Fat Shames Supporter at 2020 Rally

During a recent 2020 presidential campaign rally, Donald Trump fat shamed one of his own supporters from the stage, mistaking him for a protester. According to TMZ, while speaking to the crowd, Trump singled out one individual whom he assumed was a protester and suggesting that the "guy's got a serious weight problem."

"Go home, start exercising!" the former reality star turned POTUS was reported saying. The outlet notes that the comment was met with loud cheers and laughter. However, the man that Trump joked about — Frank Dawson — didn't seem to mind the quip. Dawson is reportedly a veteran of the Navy, has been in law enforcement for over 30 years and explained that Trump must have mistook him for one of the protesters, after he was seen ripping up protest signs.

Many social media users have been commenting on the fat shaming incident, with one person chiding him: "Trump now hates fat people too. Who is left for him bully, he is a narcissist bigot Shame in You Mr Trumpty Dumpty."

"So Trump himself is a fat a— but can tell a protester he's got a serious weight problem and to go home and exercise?? This man is not presidential. He has zero morals and can't control his mouth. Shame on him," another person said.

"Lemme get this straight: It's fine for our degenerate POTUS to fat shame one of his own supporters on video which is all over twitter but Mooch gets suspended for pointing out that Trump is in fact morbidly obese? This is getting silly," someone else tweeted.

"I know it’s not cool to fat shame, but last night [Donald Trump] heckled a protester in front of 1,000’s jeering MAGA’s for being over weight. I think someone needs a new mirror," one other fan commented.


A fifth user added, "Trump's fat-shaming is obviously hypocritical, but what he's saying is, 'if you're fat and support me, you're fine, it's only our opponents I'll shame for all the things *you've* been shamed for, and doesn't that feel good? I am your revenge on everyone who ever shamed you.' "

At this time, the White House does not appear to have commented on the incident.