Four Loko Releases 14 Percent Alcohol Hard Seltzer, and Twitter Is Going Wild

Four Loko has just teased that it is releasing a new hard seltzer drink that is 14 percent alcohol, and Twitter is going absolutely wild over it. The beverage company shared an image of a new drink that is "Sour with a hint of Blue Razz," and it has fans pumped. "Lemme get a few packs to see if it really is the hardest seltzer," one person joked. "Well a lot of Kylies are about to be blacking out and fighting Kyles," another Twitter user quipped.

"If this is real please send me some. In a sense, I am part seltzer, part Four Loko. I will be your spokeswoman and whatever heart palpitations come my way I will not disclose it to my audience," someone else said.

"Hard seltzer’s ran so college students could streak naked blackout through their dorms on four loko seltzer," one other person tweeted.

A user commented, "Four Loko Fall > Hot Girl Summer," to which Four Loko replied, "I declare this a thing."

"Ok but how do I buy a case though," another Four Loko fan asked.

"Four Loko is what happens when [White Claw] stops going to #church," another user joked.

Don’t play us. Better get that formula figured out," one more person commented.

On their website, Four Loko describes their business approach by writing, "Life is unpredictable and full of possibilities. Chance by chance, moment by moment, we thrive on fueling epic stories that make each night unforgettable. At Four Loko we salute those who dare to live in the moment. Four Loko nights should be big, bold, and unexpected. That is why we push boundaries through product innovation and our live events."

"From the very beginning, the Four Loko journey has been one of relentless creativity. What started as a bold idea among friends and a small business loan has grown into a global brand. Four Loko Stories are being made in 35 different countries worldwide," the statement adds.


"In 2017 we launched two new versions of Four Loko: Bold and Bartender Series. We also released our first ever liquor with Four Loko Shots. Reinvention and risk-taking is in our DNA," the statement also reads.

Currently, the Four Loko teased hard seltzer does not appear on the brand's website, and no release date has been shared.