USC Student Allegedly Threatens Suicide as Alums Could Be Stripped of Degrees Amid College Admissions Scandal

USC's connection to the college admissions scandal that has grabbed headlines over the past week is taking an intense turn for students who are connected. According to TMZ, one student threatened suicide after discovering her parents used the services of Rick Singer and his company at the center of the alleged nationwide scam.

Sources tell TMZ that the student became "grief-stricken" due to her parents using Singer's group to help her gain admission to the university. The university investigated the claims and concluded that the services used by the girl's parents were legitimate and she is now receiving counseling.

TMZ adds that the investigation into the scandal at the university "broadened significantly" and officials are moving on to revoke degrees connected to alumni who are caught in the scheme and gained admission to the school via fraud.

According to the report, the university has discovered at least eight cases with alumni who worked with Singer's company "in a suspicious manner." The students involved in all eight of the instances reportedly used the Athletic Placement Services to gain admission, similar to the way Lori Loughlin's children, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, were accepted through the crew team.

One former student "self-reported" his own use of the alleged scheme, blowing the whistle on himself according to TMZ. The alum in question used the Key Worldwide Foundation and The Edge College & Career Network firms to cheat on the ACT. The person in question played football for the university and received a scholarship, though TMZ adds that the student didn't meet the academic standards for athletes.

Surprisingly, the college will not take action against the former student because he self-reported in the case. The school is also interviewing the remaining athletic staff that haven't been indicted by authorities yet. They're also working alongside federal investigators and plan to resolve the fraud cases within two to three weeks.

Loughlin's children have been the most high-profile individuals connected to the alleged scheme. Olivia Jade was on a yacht belonging to the chairman of the USC Board of Trustees when the news of her mother's arrest first broke, leading to her facing heavy scrutiny and losing her brand sponsorship deals with companies like Sephora.

Both of the Full House star's daughters have since officially withdrawn from USC ahead of reports that the investigation could have expelled them from the school. There is still the chance that the pair could be banned from campus for life according to TMZ.


Loughlin and actress Felicity Huffman were both arrested for their role in the alleged scheme. The Fuller House actress has since been removed from the Netflix series and fired by Hallmark on all future projects she was connected to at the time of her arrest.

The pair could face prison time, but also have been named as defendants in a $500 billion lawsuit by a parent whose son was rejected by the schools connected to the alleged scam.