Corey Feldman Reveals What He Told Santa Barbara Police on 'Dr. Oz'

Corey Feldman sat down with Dr. Oz on Thursday to speak about the alleged pedophile ring of Hollywood heavyweights that Feldman is threatening to expose. In a sneak peek of the episode, Dr. Oz reveals that he spoke with Santa Barbara police, who say Feldman never told them names of specific individuals during his interview in 1993.

"I called the Santa Barbara Police, just got off the phone with them. As you were speaking I was speaking. You claim that you spoke to them about your abuse in 1993 just to be clear," Dr. Oz said on Thursday's episode.

"It's on the record," Feldman said.

"And you named names. I listened to the recording and I did not hear you name names," Dr. Oz said.

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Feldman said that the police turned off the recording device at the time when he named specific people as those who had molested him when he was underage.

Dr. Oz then read a statement from the Sanata Barbara Police Department: "We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects," states Dr. Oz, reading from the official statement he was given by a spokesperson from the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Dr. Oz then said SBPD asked Feldman to "reach out" to them, to which Feldman said, "Oh I'd be happy to."

The talk show host then asked Feldman why he hadn't already called the police and asked how they can't "at least acknowledge" his claims.

"Because we haven’t acknowledged it until today and they are acknowledging it by saying they don’t have any recollection," Feldman responded. "I think it’s the first day that I think anybody has gone to them for a comment... but it’s the first time I’ve heard any recount from them at all."

The two then go backstage to call the Santa Barbara police, according to the Daily Mail, which can be seen in full on Thursday's episode of Dr. Oz.