Woman's Newborn Breaks 50-Year Family Trend and Her Reaction Is Priceless

Babies are full of surprises, but for one Georgia family that surprise ended a 50-year family trend.

Labor and delivery nurse Dara Crouch thought she knew what to expect when she went into the hospital to deliver her second child on April 25, but as Today reports, the 29-year-old soon found out otherwise.

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"I just knew I was having a girl," she said. Already the mother to a 3-year-old daughter, Crouch and her husband decided to leave the baby's gender a surprise especially since no one on her mother's side of the family had given birth to a boy in over fifty years.

After four hours of labor, though, little Liam was born and stunned the family. Crouch's shocked expression was caught by photographer and family friend Neely Ker-Fox.

"I've seen surprises, but Dara had by far the most genuine reaction," Ker-Fox said and recalled Crouch gushing "'oh my gosh! It's a boy; I can't believe it's a boy!'"

The sweet photos of little Liam, now 7-weeks-old, were shared on Instagram by Birth Without Fear earlier this month and quickly began to go viral.

Crouch shared that the excitement of the birth of her son has been more than she expected.

"As a labor and deliver nurse you get the emotions going on in the room ... you sometimes bond a lot when you've been taking care of someone for 12-plus hours," Crouch said. "But nothing compares with the excitement I felt with Liam."

Photo: Instagram / @birthwithoutfear


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