52-Year-Old Elizabeth Hurley Does Yoga and Gardens In Revealing Bikinis

There's probably nothing Elizabeth Hurley can't do, and these new Instagram photos she shared show that she's very good at doing yoga and gardening in swimsuits.

Happy Saturday #Herefordshire @elizabethhurleybeach 📷by @damianhurley1 😘😘

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In the first photo, Hurley sports a pink two-piece bikini while holding a yoga pose with one leg up in the air.

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The second photo shows the 52-year-old is proving that lawn-care chores don't have to have a specific dress code, as she is seen watering her plants in a bright purple one-piece bathing suit.

Clearly, Hurley is a woman of many quality skills.

Someone has to do it 😘 #Herefordshire @elizabethhurleybeach

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Earlier this month, the supermodel/actress celebrated her birthday and took that as an opportunity to share a throwback pic of her and her former partner Hugh Grant with her followers as a thank you for all the "wonderful birthday messages" she received.

She wrote about the photo, "Here's a birthday #fb to many moons ago, taken in the Monkey Bar NYC by @sandylinter. Most of my best friends then are still my best friends now, and I blew out my candles this year in the same company. Feeling blessed xxxxx."

Hurley and Grant met in the late '80s when both of them were working on a Spanish production titled Remando Al Viento.

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They began dating, and seemed to have a fairytale Hollywood romance, but hit a bump in the road when Hugh was busted with a prostitute in 1995.

While Grant's indiscretions were dragged out into the public view, Hurley stood beside him and showed support.

They went on to stay together for another five years, finally announcing in 2000 that they'd broken up amicably.

Since then they've both gone on to other relationships, with Hurley's last notable relationship being with Australian cricket player Shane Warne, and Grant never settling down but having children with a few different women, most recently Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein.

Regardless of where they are now, it seems these two are forever linked by the major impact their relationship had on the entertainment world.

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