YouTube Adds New Feature for Podcasts

YouTube has added a new feature that will be helpful for those who listen to podcasts on the platform. You can now find a "Podcasts" tab on the channel page of your favorite YouTube creator on the website or on the mobile app. This will make it easier for fans to find their favorite shows and keep up with new episodes, though many are still waiting for podcast availability on the YouTube Music app instead.

Google rolled out YouTube's new Podcasts tab feature globally all at once, according to a report by 9to5Google. It should now be visible on the channel page for your favorite podcast creator right between the tabs for "Live" and "Playlists." Previously, creators had to manage the continuity of their own podcast uploads, typically by organizing them into a playlist. If they fell behind or slotted episodes out of order, listeners could be left extremely confused.

The new system is much more streamlined and makes it easier to switch between devices for extended listening. Users will see any uploads that the creators have marked as a podcast separated by different shows if applicable. This is still true for video podcasts as well, and it has been rolled out on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as the YouTube interface on all web browsers.

According to Google, there may be some hitches in this rollout. The company expects the new Podcasts tab to appear for users all around the world by the end of the day on Wednesday. The feature is reportedly intended to draw podcast listeners in ahead of the launch of podcast functionality on YouTube Music.

Podcasts were launched as early as 2000 when audio news broadcasts were available for download on some of the first mobile MP3 players. However, they have become much more popular in recent years with the ability to stream on smartphones or download on the go. While they are primarily an audio medium, video podcasts or podcasts with some video accompaniment have also seen a rise in popularity, and YouTube remains the premiere destination for those free long-form videos.

Podcasts have become surprisingly hot ticket items for music streaming apps – Spotify notably paid millions for the exclusive rights to Joe Rogan's podcast, for example. As YouTube Music rushes to catch up with the competition, it has a unique draw as the home of video podcasts in addition to audio. There's no word on when podcasts will join the YouTube Music app.