'Yellowstone' Spinoff '1883' Kills off Major Characters at End of Season 1

Yellowstone spinoff 1883 has concluded its first season, and the show killed off some major characters at the end. Created by Taylor Sheridan, 1883 jumps way back to tell the story of James and Margaret Dutton — ancestors of Yellowstone's Dutton Family — who traveled to West more than a century back, to seek a better life. The show has been a huge hit with audiences, who love the series' old west story and the stellar cast, but Season 1 finale left fans heartbroken after the deaths of two beloved characters. Please note: Spoilers below for 1883 Season 1 finale, including a depiction of suicide.

In the penultimate episode of 1883 Season 1, James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret's (Faith Hill) daughter Elsa (Isabel May) was shot with an arrow that was covered in manure and fired by a member of the Lakota Native American tribe. In the finale, Elsa finally succumbed to her injuries, after parents were unable to find a doctor to treat her. Elsa died in her father's arms, underneath a tree, and this is the spot that it is presumed the couple settled. This was not the only death of the finale episode, however, as Sam Elliott's character Captain She Brennan also died. Upon completing his journey out west, Shea stood in awe of the Pacific ocean, eventually taking his own life by gunshot.

As of the two deaths weren't difficult enough for 1883 fans, they got bad news this month regarding the show's potential second season — or lack thereof. The Yellowstone spinoff has been a huge hit with fans on Paramount+ but, even though it was already renewed for Season 2, new comments from creator Taylor Sheridan indicate that the series might be finished. While speaking to Deadline, Sheridan cast doubt on the renewal news by saying, "We wanted to make a ten-hour movie that ended, and that's what we did." Sheridan's quote seems to imply that he is finished with 1883, despite Paramount's renewal announcement.

Explaining his personal position on crafting a new season of 1883, Sheridan offered, "The goal with 1883, I wanted to tell this really abstract odd structured story. If you were paying attention, I tell you exactly what was going to happen, in the first scene of the first episode [to Elsa and Shea]. And then hopefully made you fall in love with the world, and forget that stuff, and play with your expectations that there's no way what I've already told you could actually happen. To play with structure that way, felt like a new rollercoaster ride for an audience, and hopefully a really reflective and beautiful one." It remains unclear what the plans for 1883 Season 2 may be, but fans can watch all of Season 1 right now on Paramount+.