'Virgin River' Season 3 Trailer Teases Steamy Scenes, Baby News

Season two of Virgin River ended with a literal bang, and it looks like the upcoming third season [...]

Season two of Virgin River ended with a literal bang, and it looks like the upcoming third season will continue the cozy drama and relationship twists and turns. Netflix dropped the new trailer on Friday, and there is good news right off the bat: Jack (Martin Henderson) survived his gunshot wound. While the trailer doesn't reveal who shot him, at least fans know that the handsome bar owner would live through another season. Not only that, but it seems like he and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) are finally together and it looks like things are getting pretty steamy between the two.

However, the course of true love never did run smooth, and it seems like Jack and Mel will have plenty to work through in their fledgling relationship. As Jack juggles his relationship with ex-girlfriend Charmaine and their baby, he also has to reckon with whether or not he wants a family to Mel. Considering the loss that Mel has endured, it's definitely a touchy subject, and Jack seems to be unsure about parenthood. Add in Doc's (Tim Matheson) illness and Preacher (Colin Lawrence) struggling to take care of Paige's (Lexa Doig) son, this season is bound to be as dramatic as the last.

Breckenridge spoke to The Huffington Post in December 2020 about the enduring appeal of "cozy" romances like Virgin River and why people are so drawn to them. "Sometimes you don't want to watch something that's gonna really take you down some kind of analytical path," Breckenridge explained. "Sometimes you really want something that's just basic and cozy; a beautiful small town where people fall in love. Emotions are heightened right now and this show provides the perfect sort of soft landing and entertainment for people dealing with loss or going through what they're going through [with the coronavirus pandemic]."

Breckenridge and Henderson also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the appeal of the show, and Henderson teased that season 3 would definitely be upping the stakes. He also explained that there would be a bit of a time jump in order to "get into the meat and potatoes" of all the other characters, who will form "new relationships" with one another. "Jack and Mel are still there dealing with love and unrequited love, and their obstacles but you see a lot of these other characters as well and jumps ahead where everyone's in their own private dilemmas," Henderson said. The 10-episode third season hits Netflix on July 9, so plan your weekend accordingly.