'The Simpsons': Disney+ Unveils 'Simpsons Forever'

This week, Disney+ added The Simpsons Season 31, prompting a new ad campaign called "The Simpsons Forever." The streaming service has made a big deal out of hosting the iconic cartoon, though it is available in some other forms on some other platforms. To differentiate, Disney+ is driving home its ownership of the entire catalog.

The Simpsons is one of the longest-running shows in TV history, so getting access to all 687 episodes is no small feat. Disney+ wants subscribers to know that they have pulled it off. This week, Season 31 became available to stream, making Disney+ the home of "The Simpsons Forever." For $7 per month — or $70 per year — fans can undertake one of the most ambitious binge-watches in history all in one place. However, for the currently airing Season 32, they will have to go elsewhere.

Disney+ is the only place to stream the majority of The Simpsons for a single subscription price. Even the apps and websites for Fox and FX have a limited selection, and a valid cable subscription is necessary to log in there. Meanwhile, Hulu is the only place to stream the latest episodes. The service hosts Season 32 on a kind of treadmill, with older episodes expiring as new ones appear there. There are currently three new episodes out to watch on Hulu.

Disney+ also spruces up its vast Simpsons catalog with "collections" — bundled episodes with particular themes, or holiday tales to watch outside of continuity order. Since it is currently October, "The Simpsons Horror collection" is at the top of the lists.


For those that do not want to commit to a monthly subscription, there are other ways to stream The Simpsons. Digital stores, including Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and Vudu, have every single episode of the series available to rent or buy digitally, with reduced prices if you purchase by the season. This tactic is especially helpful if you're trying to keep up with the current season without paying for cable — for $36.99, you can purchase all of Season 32 ahead of time and watch new episodes in your collection as soon as they come out.

The Simpsons is a cultural phenomenon unlike anything else, with a parody of American culture that has resonated with three consecutive generations. However, for many viewers, the show stands out in the otherwise wholesome catalog of Disney+, which is focused on family-oriented material. Disney+ is available now for $7 per month or $70 per year.