'The Simpsons' Introduces Actor Replacing Hank Azaria's Voice on Longtime Character

The Simpsons has officially introduced the actor replacing Hank Azaria's voice for longtime character Carl Carlson. Earlier this year it was announced that Azaria would no longer be voicing the character, who is a Black man, to better capture the appropriate representation. Now, it has been revealed that actor Alex Désert is taking on the beloved friend of Homer Simpson.

Fans may know Désert from his many TV credits, which include Becker, The Flash, and Boy Meets World. He also has an extensive catalogue of animated series that he has done voiced for, such as The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Lebrons, Mr. Pickles, and Momma Named Me Sheriff. The welcomed change comes after Azaria revealed in June that Carl — as well as a few other characters that he has voiced — were being recast with People of Color. He stated that he was "extremely pleased" by this decisions, and added, "I recognize that by voicing these roles, I have taken away roles from People of Color and in doing so, have been part of the problem. Representation matters."

In his lengthy statement, Azaria went on to say, "I am committed to continuing my education by participating in anti-racism work. I have learned that one of my blind spots was how much racism has also impacted my own humanity: I continued to be complicit with a harmful practice even as I believed I was already doing the right thing. I believe that as white people our humanity is compromised by unconsciously or consciously perpetuating the things we say we are against."

Azaria continued, "Racism impacts our ability to be truly empathetic to what is happening to all People of Color, especially Black people, because racism keeps us from seeing ourselves in them. I hope that I can actively and meaningfully contribute to ending this and other kinds of systemic oppression, and in a way that lessens this burden for People of Color, who for far too long have been tasked with dismantling it themselves."

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Season 32 of The Simpsons premieres this Sunday, Sept. 27, and will feature Désert's debut as Carl. The episode will also fetaure a guest appearance by Stranger Things star David Harbour. At this time, there is no word on if Désert will voice other characters, or just Carl.