'The Ranch' Part 5 Trailer, Photos Reveal Abby Is Pregnant

The Bennetts are back on The Ranch in the Netflix sitcom's trailer for part 5, which reveals that Abby (Elisha Cuthbert), Colt Bennett's (Ashton Kutcher) girlfriend, is pregnant.

"Just because I don't want Abby to move to Denver don't mean I'm a bad boyfriend," Colt says at a family dinner in the trailer. The comment evokes much back-and-forth arguing around the table for a moment, before Abby yells out, "I'm pregnant!"

In photos of part 5 released by Netflix on Wednesday, Abby's pregnant belly can clearly be seen.

Abby tells Colt that she wants to postpone the wedding due to her pregnancy.

"I don't want to be a white trash bride!" she says. "I want to line dance with you, Boot, Scoot n Boogie, and shotgun a beer, swig Fireball whisky out of the bottle."

"That still sounds like white trash," Colt responds.

In one of the photos, we see a very pregnant Abby in a heated discussion with her mother-in-law-to-be and Colt. She appears to be far along in her pregnancy, and there seems to be some fire damage in the background, perhaps an unfortunate result of the approaching wildfires shown in the trailer.

(Photo: Netflix / Greg Gayne)

The photo of Abby far along in her pregnancy shows that there may be some sort of time-jumping involved in the season's timeline, because Abby is not yet even pregnant at the end of part 4.

Another shot shows a pregnant Abby surveying the damage to the ranch from the fire with Colt. The family fireplace is shown behind them, as well as numerous pieces of broken furniture.

(Photo: Netflix / Greg Gayne)

In another shot, a pregnant Abby seems stressed as she talks to her father Chuck (Jim Beaver) while Colt cradles a pair of puppies. Chuck's presence possibly signifies that the wildfires struck Abby's or her parents' homes as well.

(Photo: Netflix / Greg Gayne)

One still from the episode show that Last Man Standing star Nancy Travis will appear on The Ranch as a guest star. The photo sees Travis speaking to Maggie (Debra Winger) in a seemingly impassioned moment as Maggie gazes into the distance.

(Photo: Netflix / Greg Gayne)

Noticeably absent from the stills is Danny Masterson, who was fired from the series in December after multiple women accused him of sexual assault. While his character Rooster was absent from the shots, he was present in the trailer in what appears to be wedding scene between Colt and Abby. Masterson's final episodes before he was written off the show will air in the new batch of episodes.

Part 5 of The Ranch will drop on Netflix on Friday. All episodes of the show are also available on the service.