'The Office' Stars Reveal Where Oscar Martinez and David Wallace Would Be in 2021 (Exclusive)

A lot has changed in the world since The Office first introduced us to the world of Scranton paper sales, but the characters live on in popular culture and in the hearts of the actors who spent nearly a decade portraying them. As The Office moves to stream exclusively on Peacock, Oscar Nunez and Andy Buckley, who played Oscar Martinez and David Wallace throughout the series' nine seasons, shared with PopCulture where they think their characters would be in 2021 after we first said goodbye to them in 2013.

When The Office fans last left Martinez, the Dunder Mifflin accountant was readying himself for a run for a State Senate seat, having a renewed passion for the public sector following his tryst with Senator Robert Lipton. Nunez acknowledged that his character would likely still be in politics, saying he "think he would have continued" down that path successfully, maybe even running for president one day.

As for Wallace, Buckley joked that the CEO of Dunder Mifflin would be "praying for a reboot of The Office" before theorizing that he would be "enjoying time with [his] wife and kids" after earning $20 million by selling his Suck-It! patent to the U.S. military. "Hopefully, you know, continuing to run Dunder Mifflin, and trying to build it up to a bigger company," he added. There might even be a bit of the family business to the paper company now, with Wallace's son Teddy having grown to the age where he could follow in his old man's footsteps, Buckley noted: "You know, he'd be old enough."

The fact that people are even asking about their characters more than seven years after fans bid the employees of Dunder Mifflin farewell is proof of how brilliant The Office truly is. "It's crazy a little, you know?" Nunez said of the whole new generation of fans who discovered the show, first on Netflix and now on Peacock. "11-year-olds and 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds, they keep discovering the show, because it's that kind of show that's a stepping stone from when you're a little kid to going into high school."

Buckley said that pre-COVID, he would "occasionally" watch an episode with his teenage son and his friends, joking that being Wallace had given him "street cred" with the younger crowd. Watching the show be so popular almost two decades after its initial premiere is a "treat" and "magnificent," Buckley said. "It's really fun to watch," he told PopCulture, adding, "I'm just the luckiest guy on the planet to get to be a part of it." The Office is now streaming exclusively on Peacock.