'The Office' Stars Share the Secret to Its Staying Power as the Series Moves to Peacock (Exclusive)

It's been more than 15 years since the world was introduced to Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and its employees on The Office, but the show has more dedicated fans than ever, many of whom weren't even alive during the show's original run. As the hit NBC show moves to stream exclusively on Peacock, Oscar Nunez and Andy Buckley, who played Oscar Martinez and David Wallace throughout the series' nine seasons, talked to PopCulture.com about why exactly they think it is the show resonates with viewers so much, even to this day.

"It's crazy a little, you know?" Nunez said of the new generation of fans streaming The Office obsessively. "11-year-olds and 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds, they keep discovering the show, because it's that kind of show that's a stepping stone from when you're a little kid to going into high school." Introduced to the series oftentimes by family members, Nunez said that first-timers "become fans right away," noting just how "crazy" the whole phenomenon is.

Buckley joked that he now has "street cred" with his teenage sons' friends because of his role on the show, adding more seriously that it's a "treat" and "magnificent" to see so many younger people appreciate The Office. "It's really fun to watch," he shared, explaining that pre-COVID, he would occasionally watch an episode with his son and his friends and marvel at just how timeless the show is. "I'm just the luckiest guy on the planet to get to be a part of it," Buckley told PopCulture.

Fans have been calling for an Office reboot or reunion for years, and while there's been no chatter recently about that possibility, Buckley threw his hat in the ring immediately for whatever comes down the line. "I pray for that every night," he said with a laugh. While some fans have shut down ideas of a reboot, saying the show's humor wouldn't be embraced today the way it was in the mid-2000s, Buckley doesn't see their point.

"Sometimes people say, 'Yeah, [The Office's] politically correctness, [a reboot] wouldn't work. Yet, it's like the number one show in the world," the actor reasoned. "You know, and the number one show with teenagers and 20-somethings and all that. ...So, I don't know, maybe you would think that, but then by that standard, it would work."


Buckley has had conversations in the past with writers on the show's original run about how a possible reboot would work, but nothing recent, he added. "I don't know who would be able to come back and do it, or who would do it," the star explained, joking, "I would do it, if anyone's listening."

As for Nunez, he joked that much of his work on The Office was a "really easy gig," because he was portraying a character who wasn't exactly looking for a place in the limelight. "You had to act like you didn't wanna be filmed, which is very easy to do," he explained. "You're like, 'Just leave me alone,' and people are like, 'Very good.'" The Office is streaming now, exclusively on Peacock.