'The Ms. Pat Show': J. Bernard Calloway and Brittany Inge Talk 'Challenging' Moments in Season 3 (Exclusive)

The Ms. Pat Show is a BET+ series that doesn't hold back. And after an explosive ending to Season 2 where the two main characters, Ms. Pat (Patricia "Ms. Pat" Williams) and Terry (J. Bernard Calloway), get into a major fight about her abortion. PopCulture.com spoke exclusively to Calloway and Britany Inge who plays Ashley on The Ms. Pat Show, and they revealed what can fans expect from Season 3 which is currently streaming on BET+. 

"More excitement, more fun, more laughs, more life-challenging moments that we all as a family deal with and get through," Calloway exclusively told PopCulture. "We get to see Pat excel in her stand-up comedy. You get to see myself as Terry understand how to deal with asking for help and asking the kids to rally around situations and us working together and getting things done."

Inge talked about how the kids grow in the new season. "I guess speaking for the kids on the show, you get to see us deal with our mom growing success and also what it looks like when she's away for an extended period of time and all the mischief that we could get into and get up to," she said. "And I would say specifically for Ashley, you see her trying to just navigate her love life and accept herself more as she's got her family to accept her. But now it's time for her to look inward at herself. So that's the kid's journey."

Growth is the theme of Season 3, and for Ms. Pat, her career is on the rise, leading to Terry being the anchor of the household, which is nothing new to him. "But at the same time, I'm always not willing to ask for help to understand how to navigate through the situations that we go through," Calloway said. "As Pat's away, there's a lot of situations in this season that one deals with, and wherewith her being there would help to get through those situations. But as you're going to see everything unfold, as we do in our style and our show, we find a way to adapt and move on with life and learn from the situations that we go through."

Ashley is Ms. Pat's oldest child and is in a different place from where fans saw her at the end of Season 2. "She's on a journey trying to place herself with the right person and going through the ups and downs of love," Inge said about her character. "And I think in season three you're going to see a bit more of that but in a very comedic lens, her just trying to find her way, enjoy her single life and what that looks like... and also just being able to be closer to her siblings and be the voice of reason and be the big sister. That's really more hands-on, I would say, in Season 3."