'The Ms. Pat Show' Cast Members Detail What to Expect From Season 2 of BET+ Series (Exclusive)

The Ms. Pat Show premiered last year on BET+ and was a huge success, scoring 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and recently earning an Emmy nomination for Best Directing in a Comedy Series. Season 2 of The Ms. Pat Show is streaming on BET+ now, and the series is about to take things to the next level. PopCulture.com caught up with the cast of The Ms. Pat Show who revealed what to expect from the second season. 

"The whole theme of it is healing," Ms. Pat, the star, executive producer and co-creator, exclusively told PopCulture. "'Cause if you saw how Season 1 ended, we move into season two. So it's all about healing family." The show is based on the life of Ms. Pat, a comedian from Atlanta who has found success with her stand-up shows. The first season took a look at topics, including non-binary pronouns, school shootings, drug addiction, racism and child abuse. This is done while Ms. Pat's family, known as the Carson family, is dealing with the challenges of moving from Atlanta to suburban Indiana. And at the end of Season 1, fans saw Ms. Pat get into a big fight with her sister Denise (Tami Roman), leading her to kick her out of the house. 

(Photo: BET+)

"I think what we did in Season 2 is the family ... to me; to me at least ... there's this thing that happens a lot of times in families where the communication does not happen, where it breaks down and this is why you find a lot of friction and conflict," J. Bernard Calloway, who plays Ms. Pat's husband Terry, told PopCulture. "So I feel like in this Season 2 there's a lot of communication that happens between myself and Pat and Denise's understanding of Pat and how the house is governing, what folks are doing and stuff like that."

Along with Ms. Pat, Denise and Terry, the home also features three children — Brandon (Vince Swann), Janelle (Briyanna Guadalupe) and Junebug (Theodore Barnes). Ms. Pat also has an older child name Ashley (Brittany Inge) who is a recurring character in the series. And when asked about the biggest difference between Season 1 and Season 2, they described it in just one word. 

"Bigger is one word," Inge said, who goes on to say Season 2 is "Way better. ...I feel like in season two, we dive even deeper with whatever topic we've chosen. And the storytelling. The level of the storytelling is heightened. The way things are being shot, just heightened, artful. I feel like the bar's just continuing to be raised and we're doing it with ourselves and challenging ourselves and competing with ourselves. It's really good." All 10 episodes of The Ms. Pat Show Season 2  are now streaming on BET+.