'The King of Queens' Is Coming to Paramount+

The CBS sitcom begins streaming on Paramount+ on Mar. 25.

The King of Queens will soon call Paramount+ home. The beloved CBS sitcom will finally be available to stream on the platform beginning Mar. 25. As of now, the series is streaming in full on Peacock, but it's unknown if it will continue to stream on the NBCUniversal-owned platform once it hits Paramount+. There's no indication that it will be leaving Peacock, and many shows have dual streaming homes.

Premiering in 1998 and running for nine seasons, The King of Queens starred Kevin James and Leah Remini as a working-class couple living in Rego Park, Queens. The series also starred Patton Oswalt, Larry Romano, Victor Williams, the late Jerry Stiller, Nicole Sullivan, and Garry Valentine and was created by Michael J. Weithorn and David Litt. Weithorn, Litt, and James also served as executive producers alongside Tony Sheehan, Jeff Sussman, David Bickel, Ilana Wernick, Chris Downey, Rock Reuben, and Rob Schiller.

The King of Queens celebrated its 25th anniversary last fall, so the series coming to Paramount+ comes at a pretty great time. Coincidentally, the 25th anniversary also came in the midst of the sitcom going viral. A promo photo of Kevin James from The King of Queens quickly became a meme on social media, proving that no matter how long it's been, it's never too late to go Internet viral.

While The King of Queens is streaming on Peacock and will soon stream on Paramount+, the series has been in continuous syndication over the years, airing on TBS, Nick at Nite, TV Land, CMT, and Lifetime, among other networks. With the sitcom coming to the Paramount-owned platform next month, it will be like it is coming home since CBS was its home network. All nine seasons will be streaming, so fans will be able to watch it in full whenever they want.

It's unknown how long The King of Queens will be streaming on Paramount+, and if it will still be streaming on Peacock, but as of now, there will soon be two ways to watch the CBS sitcom. Maybe even more memes will come out as more people, fans old and new, watch it. Be sure to check out The King of Queens on Paramount+ beginning Mar. 25. It's still a month away, but the wait will surely be worth it to be reunited with Doug and Carrie Heffernan.