'The Crew': Netflix Show Recruits 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Kim Coates as Team Sponsor

Kevin James' NASCAR-centric sitcom landed on Netflix Monday, highlighting the goofier aspects of Cup Series racing. The show features a sizable cast, including a former Sons of Anarchy star in a minor role. Kim Coates, who portrayed Alex "Tig" Trager, appears as a sponsor of Bobby Spencer Racing.

Coates only appears in one episode during the first season of The Crew, but he wastes no time making an impact. He is less of a serious character like he portrayed in Sons of Anarchy and other projects. Instead, "Bob" is a very goofy person with a very distinct way of talking. He enjoys hunting, barbecue, illegal cigars and drinking games. He shows off this love throughout the entire episode.

According to the episode, Coates is the man in charge of Bobby Spencer Racing's original sponsor, Big Hoof Barbeque. The company has been with the racing team for years, leading to a family bond between Coates and James. Though the new owner of the team, played by Jillian Mueller, creates some issues as she and Coates start to butt heads.

The episode features Mueller, James, and Coates in very different scenarios. They eat chicken wings and drink beer while relaxing at the local bar. They also go deer hunting so Coates' character can get some meat for his upcoming meals. The trip does not necessarily go as planned due to mishaps with deer urine, but it makes the episode very memorable.

There is a specific reason why Coates does not return during the first season of The Crew, but the other characters mention him during the remaining episodes as other storylines come into play. One specific interaction actually teases him showing up once again, but this does not come to pass.


Created in partnership with NASCAR, The Crew revolves around the fictional Bobby Spencer Racing Cup Series Team. The owner, portrayed by Bruce McGill, retires to spend more time in Hawaii and leaves his Stanford-educated daughter Catherine in charge. She immediately begins making sweeping changes to the team by implementing morning meetings, changing the available food in the building, and examining different sponsorship opportunities.

Catherine's decisions continue to shake up Bobby Spencer Racing, especially when they impact the team's driver, Jake Martin (Freddie Stroma). These decisions create internal conflict and lead to surprising moments. However, the show features an equal number of laughs.