'Tell Me A Story' Star Carrie-Anne Moss Previews CBS All Access Show's Season 2 Drama (Exclusive)

Get ready for a wild ride on Tell Me A Story Season 2! The CBS All Access psychological thriller [...]

Get ready for a wild ride on Tell Me A Story Season 2! The CBS All Access psychological thriller premiered its first episode Thursday with twists and a big blowup for members of the Pruitt family. The biggest shocker from the series premiere arrived after the youngest member of the family, country singer Ashley Rose (Natalie Alyn Lind) suffered massive injuries in a deliberate car explosion as her mother, Rebecca (Carrie Anne-Moss), the rest of the family and fans watched the devastation.

While this season of the anthology series will tackle the classic fairytales of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, the Pruitt family and their relationships are at the center of the story.

Moss teased Rebecca's relationship with her three children — Maddie (Odette Annable), Jackson (Matt Lauria) and Ashley Rose — in an interview during the red carpet for the series premiere screening in Nashville, Tennessee on Nov. 20.

"I love the relationships that she has with all three of her kids," Moss said. "I think the writers did a really good job capturing the truth of that, in these sort-of extraordinary circumstances."

While Rebecca is the head of the Pruitt family, most of her story will be tied to the Beauty and the Beast storyline alongside Lind and Eka Darville. Moss teased Ashley Rose's tragic attack will bring many twists in the future.

"[Rebecca] starts off one way, and pretty quickly gets humbled, and has to kind of put herself back together, because of an event that happens right at the beginning," Moss said, referencing the intense car bomb scene. "It's like the rug comes right from underneath her.

"She really has to re-figure out who she is with her kids and everything," she added.

Season 2 of Tell Me A Story will bring an entirely new story and feel than the first installment. Moving the story from New York City to Nashville gives a new environment to the series, and producers also worked on more stylized storytelling techniques in this new season.

The fresh set of episodes blend the different fairytale storylines more seamlessly by connecting them through the family at its core. Behind-the-scenes, costume designers and set decorators also worked to present the storylines with different color schemes to set them apart. The Sleeping Beauty storyline has a green and gray color scheme, the Cinderella storyline has a red and more chaotic theme, and Beauty and the Beast is all about blue and gold.

Will you tune in for the new season? New episodes of Tell Me A Story Season 2 are made available to stream Thursdays on CBS All Access. Season 1 is also available to stream in its entirety.