'Tehran': Glenn Close Forces Deadly Bargain in Apple TV+ Series Sneak Peek (Exclusive Clip)

Tehran Season 2 is in full swing at Apple TV+, and in an exclusive sneak peek of Episode 5, Glenn Close's Marjan Montazeri forces a deadly bargain. In the clip, Marjan faces off with Faraz Kamali's (Shaun Toub) wife Naahid (Shila Ommi). Faraz is near death, but Marjan has the antidote that could save him. However, she makes it clear that the life-saving injection has a cost.

Tehran Season 1 followed Tamar Rabinyan (Niv Sultan), a Mossad agent and computer hacker who was born in Iran but raised in Israel. Tamar is sent on an undercover mission that does not go according to plan, leaving her to fight her way to freedom while being actively sought by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps agents. In Season 2, Tamar is on the cusp of escaping spy life but finds herself persuaded back. She begins working with Marjan, and together the pair work to evade Faraz and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Ahead of the Tehran Season 2 premiere, PopCulture.com was part of a roundtable press event featuring Close and Sultan, who teased what would be on the horizon. Regarding what she enjoyed most about Season 2, Sultan shared, "I discovered many new layers and new colors in Tamar that I didn't know she has in her. I felt her much more vulnerable this season and unsure and insecure and standing in front of..." 

Sultan paused and added, "Usually, she's a very tough and brave Mossad agent, and now she's standing in front of Marjan. And this lady here comes with us with her strong eyes and this powerful energy. And suddenly I felt very, very weak. I felt like a child again. And I think this is a very beautiful thing, very beautiful side of Tamar that we haven't seen." The actress added, "And also, she's emotionally involved in the whole season. She's attached to Milad now, and she has a personal motivation for the mission. So everything is much more complicated. And I think it'll be interesting to see how she goes through everything from this personal position." 

Finally, Sultan also shared what it's been like to have such a massively positive response to Tehran from fans all across the world. "I didn't understand it was a global show. I have to tell you, it took me a while to even realize," she confessed. "Even after Apple TV+ bought it took me a while to understand that this is actually a show that audience all over are watching it."


She continued, "And I was telling before, when they told me Glenn is joining the cast, I asked, 'How? I mean, what do you mean? How?' And they told me, 'We sent her an offer. She watched the first season. We sent her an offer. She liked the script.' And then I realized, 'Oh, so people actually watched it.' And it's beyond, honestly, it's beyond. And it's amazing. And I'm grateful." Tehran Season 2, Episode 5 debuts on Apple TV+ this Friday, May 27.