'Ted Lasso' Star Nick Mohammed Teases What Fans Can Expect From Nate in Season 2 (Exclusive)

Nathan Shelley, who is also known as "Nate the Great," became a fan favorite in the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso. In the first season, fans saw Nate go from the kit man to being an assistant coach. Now that Season 2 is here, the question is how will Nate continue to grow? In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Nick Mohammed, who plays Nate in the series, teased what fans can expect from him in the second season.

"We know that he's been promoted, he's an assistant coach now at the end of Season 1," Mohammed said exclusively to PopCulture. "What's really interesting is Nate absolutely has another journey to go on. What's, I think, fascinating about this season from Nate's point of view is that he's got now a little bit of confidence. He's even got a little bit of responsibility now because he's been promoted and in fact, there is a new kit man who's beneath him, the job that he used to do.

"And it's just interesting seeing what kind of life choices he makes now because he's found his voice a little bit. But I'm saying that it's the same Nate. He's still got the same insecurities and demons that had haunted him in season one. He absolutely has another reckoning and a journey to go on. He's by no means fixed.

Mohammed also feels that Season 2 is better than the first season. "I do genuinely believe that they've managed to step up from Season 1, which is no mean feat. And audiences have really taken Season 1 to their heart so I hope that they follow these journeys in Season 2. ... I think that this takes characters and much-beloved characters on journeys and to places that I think the audience might not expect, and making them deeper as a result. I think the show is all the more better for it. It's very exciting and slightly nervous and all those kinds of feelings you get before a show launches, especially one that with Season 1 having done so well."

Mohammed's portrayal of Nate has led to him earning an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor for a Comedy Series, one of the 20 Emmy nominations for Ted Lasso. But while Mohammed is not like Nate in real life, he can still relate to him in a few ways.


"I was quite shy, not as shy as Nate. That would be, I think, going too far," Mohammed said. "I'm quite short as well. I'm a bit geeky. I wasn't really into sport and so I can actually associate with that sort of feeling of being a bit of an outsider. I was never bullied, but then I was never like a trendy, popular, sporty kid either. I can slightly generally associate with Nate."

Watch the entire cast interview above! Season 2 of Ted Lasso is currently streaming on Apple TV+, and a new episode will air each week. All episodes of Season 1 are also currently streaming and PopCulture readers can get a free three-month trial subscription here.