'Suspicion' Cast Members Kunal Nayyar, Elizabeth Henstridge and Tom Rhys Harries Talk New Apple TV+ Thriller Series (Exclusive)

Apple TV+'s newest series Suspicion recently debuted on the streaming service, and cast members Kunal Nayyar, Elizabeth Henstridge and Tom Rhys Harries are excited for viewers to check out the new thriller series. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, the trio of stars opened up about working on the show, with Henstridge gushing over her excitement. "I'm excited to hear how people feel along the journey, like who they're rooting for, whose side they're on and how it changes," she said.

In the show, Henstridge plays Tara McAllister and Nayyar plays Aadesh Chopra, two British citizens who are caught up in a complicated cat-and-mouse game with unseen forces, all while defending their innocence in the kidnapping of Leo Newman (Gerran Howell), the son of Uma Thurman's character, Katherine Newman, a U.S. media mogul. Harries enters the story later, playing Eddie Walker, a classmate of Leo's who becomes a new suspect in his disappearance. During our conversation with them, all three actors agreed that the show is so full of twists and turns that it's difficult to talk about without potentially, accidentally, revealing some kind of spoiler.

"We're here talking about it, so then how do you engage people and go, 'Yeah, but we can't talk about it.' So, you have to say something," Harries said as Nayyar added, "It's going to get worse. I think it's going to get worse as we get towards the end and people really want to know. Don't you think? It's not going to get easier. I mean, as we get closer, hopefully, people are going to really want to know."

Nayyar's role in the series especially stands out due to how wildly different it is from his role as Raj on The Big Bang Theory, which fans watched him on for over a decade. When asked if he intentionally sought out the part of Aadesh so that he could do something opposite of his beloved BBT role, Nayyar replied: "Absolutely. I think as an actor, I always try to pick things that are different. For me personally, I wouldn't want to have a career where I'm only known for one thing and it's also fun."

He continued, "I learned a couple of new skills and I got to work... I learned from a lot of great actors, also, I got to work with. And then to do a show for Apple TV+, and to work with Chris Long, our director, was really a whole package. It's not just one thing. It's not like I always seek things that are different, but this so happened to be a really wonderful package for it to come together." 

The first two episodes of Suspicion are now streaming on Apple TV+, with Episode 3 set to debut on Friday.