'Big Bang Theory' Star Kunal Nayyar Sports Beard in New Photo Following Show's Conclusion

Kunal Nayyar is sporting a beard now that The Big Bang Theory is over, and fans think it suits him. The actor just wrapped up a 12-season run as Raj Koothrappali, the socially anxious astrophysicist who could not even talk to a woman without a little help from alcohol. Now, Nayyar is having a "little bit of whiskey" himself.

Nayyar posted a photo of his new beard last week on Instagram. It was a picture of himself at a wedding in India, he explained. The actor was "in the foothills of the Himalayas, surrounded by love" for the wedding of a friend or family member. He wore traditional formal attire, but fans focused in on his prodigious facial hair.

"So handsome, I miss you Raj," one commenter wrote.

"Oh my god! This is amazing," added another with a heart emoji.

"The most attractive," echoed a third.

Nayyar has rocked a beard between seasons of The Big Bang Theory before, especially while traveling. However, it has never gotten quite this long, and many fans are impressed by recent Instagram photos. The beard is trimmed and shaped, but still growing in Nayyar's latest post from Sunday, where he offered some encouraging words to followers.

"This is your experience on this earth. This is your expression of this life. And YOU have two choices — You can either live it in an egoistic, selfish, exclusive, negative, and judgemental manner — or — you can live it in a loving, generous, positive, humorous, and all inclusive manner," he wrote.

"Never forget, YOU have the power within you to choose your way," he continued. "And you don't have to wait- you don't have to rely on anyone else- there are no excuses- you can start today, this very second. It's time. It's time to come home to your true self, and become the source of light that makes everything around you brighter."

The post picked up over 83,000 likes, and many appreciative comments. Fans thanked Nayyar for the inspiring check-in, and many other stars were energized by his words.

"Love it bro! Can't wait to spend more time together in 2020!" commented podcaster Jay Shetty.


With the smash hit sitcom behind him, Nayyar has a few new projects in the works already. The actor has already completed voice work for the animated movie Trolls World Tour, due out in April of 2020. He also has a role in an upcoming family dramedy called Think Like a Dog, where he shares the screen with Megan Fox, Julia Jones and other big stars. There is no release date in place for that one just yet.