'Spenser Confidential 2' Coming Soon to Netflix, Director Says

Spenser Confidential became an instant hit when it launched on Netflix back in March. So, it should come as no surprise that the streaming service has plans for a sequel. Spenser Confidential director Peter Berg recently spoke with Collider about the sequel, which he said is "definitely" happening.

Berg explained that the movie is already in the script stage, telling Collider, "Brian Helgeland, who wrote the first script, just turned in a first draft last week. So we're definitely going to do Spenser Confidential 2, we're just trying to figure out the dates." As for when the movie will begin production, Berg said that they're eyeing a start date at "the very end of 2021 or beginning of 2022." Spenser Confidential starred Mark Wahlberg, the titular Spenser, as an ex-cop who was recently released from prison as he looks into a conspiracy within the Boston police department. Spenser teamed up with an MMA fighter named Hawk (Winston Duke) and his ex-girlfriend Cissy (Iliza Shlesinger) to figure out what's really going on in the police department.

Spenser Confidential was the fifth project that Berg and Wahlberg collaborated on, as they also worked with each other on Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon, Patriots Day, and Mile 22. Berg shared that Spenser Confidential 2 won't be the next project for either him or Wahlberg, who is shooting Uncharted in Germany. He also said that it would be far from their last collaboration together. "[Wahlberg] is in Germany now doing a film," the director explained. "I'm going to do something else before Spenser Confidential 2, but we're definitely going to do that. I'm sure Mark and I will be 85, 90 years old making movies together. We love working together."

In April, Variety reported that Spenser Confidential was watched by an impressive amount of users, as the film reached 85 million households. It should be noted that the streaming service counts a household as having viewed one of their programs even if it was only on for about two minutes. In response to this news, the streaming service released a statement in which they acknowledged that this great rise in viewership came as many Americans were quarantining amidst the coronavirus pandemic. "We're acutely aware that we are fortunate to have a service that is even more meaningful to people confined at home, and which we can operate remotely with minimal disruption in the short to medium term," Netflix's statement read. "Like other home entertainment services, we're seeing temporarily higher viewing and increased membership growth. In our case, this is offset by a sharply stronger U.S. dollar, depressing our international revenue, resulting in revenue-as-forecast. We expect viewing to decline and membership growth to decelerate as home confinement ends, which we hope is soon."