Post Malone Stars in Netflix's 'Spenser Confidential' With Mark Wahlberg, and Fans Are Amazed

With Post Malone fans worrying about his wellbeing, there has been an increase in searches for his name. This has led many fans to discover that the rapper appears in Mark Wahlberg's new film, Spenser Confidential. They immediately headed to Netflix and were fascinated with what they saw.

Several users headed to Twitter recently to post their reviews of Spenser Confidential. They were surprised by his acting ability, as well the fight scene involving him, Wahlberg, and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.

"Spenser Confidential on Netflix was badass, Post Malone really surprised me w his acting skills," one Twitter user wrote after watching the film. There were some fans that didn't expect Malone to have much range, but they were surprised by his performance.

Malone has been drawing attention due to comments posted on Twitter following recent concerts. There are some users on social media that believe he is on drugs and is struggling with health issues. They have cited him rolling around on stage as one reason. Other attendees have said that Malone's eyes were rolling back in his head while he was singing.

"REAL reasons @PostMalone should be trending: 1. Spenser Confidential (he's in it!) released on @netflix. Stream it! 2. He's gracing the cover of @GQMagazine's Spring 2020 issue. Buy it! 3. He's on a new song w/ @OzzyOsbourne - It's A Raid! Listen to it! #Posty #PostMalone," another user added to the conversation.

With Malone trending due to concerns about his health and any alleged issues with drugs, some of his fans are frustrated that this is a talking point. They believe that he is perfectly fine and that there shouldn't be questions. Instead, they want the focus to switch to his acting in Wahlberg's new film.

Malone has since responded to his fans, pausing a Memphis concert on Friday to proclaim that he is perfectly fine. He told those in attendance at FedEx Forum that he was about to play some "s–ty music" while getting "f–ed up." Although he later said that there are no issues.

"People have been asking me if I'm okay or on heavy drugs. I'm not on drugs and I feel the best I've ever f—ing felt in my whole life," he proclaimed. "That's why I can bust my ass for these shows and fall on the floor and do all that fun s—."


Spenser Confidential stars both Wahlberg and Winston Duke. This film debuted on Netflix on March 6 and features an MMA twist. The star-studded cast features Wahlberg as the titular Spenser, and he is joined by Alan Arkin, Marc Maron, Bokeem Woodbine, Iliza Shlesinger and Austin Post (Malone).

(Photo Credit: Rich Fury/AMA2018/Getty Images For dcp)