Seemingly Canceled Netflix Show Might Be Coming Back

It seems like a Netflix show that hasn't aired new episodes in a few years is making a big comeback. A Twitter user recently asked Rob Schneider if there was going to be another season of Real Rob. The 57-year-old comedian and actor revealed there will be a Season 3 which will be released in 2023. 

Netflix has not made an announcement on Real Rob, and it's not clear if the show will be back on the streaming service. The first season of Real Rob premiered on Dec. 1, 2015 while the season premiered on Sept. 29, 2017. The sitcom has 16 episodes includes his real-life wife Patricia and daughter Miranda. There were also specials appearances from David Spade, Adam Sandler and the late Norm Macdonald. 

"My wife and Jamie [Lissow] are the writing partners," Schneider said to Phoenix New Times about the series in 2018. "They ask me for stories, and I tell them stories, and the next thing I know, there are new episodes. I've had kind of a crazy life, in and out of show business. The best comedies are always the ones where the people look like a—hole."

While Schneider works on getting Real Rob back on TV, he is also getting ready to be in a new movie with Kevin James called Home Team. He can also be seen in a few of Sandle's Netflix movies, including Sandy WexlerThe Wrong MissyHubie Halloween and The Ridiculous 6.

Recently, Schneider has been in the news for his views on COVID-19. In May, Scheider went to Twitter and wrote: The ONLY real QUESTION I have for my 896,100 FOLLOWERS is THIS? "WILL YOU EVER FALL FOR THIS BULLSH#T EVER AGAIN?! The NEXT TIME YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WANT TO LOCK YOU INTO YOUR HOUSES, TRY TO RUIN YOUR LIVELIHOOD, AND LOCK YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF SCHOOL, WHAT WILL YOU TELL THEM???" Schneider was training about being in quarantine during the pandemic. 

And earlier this month, Schneider went on a Twitter rant about the platform. He wrote: "Twitter is nothing more than going into the sewer and picking up crap and throwing it in one direction and waiting for someone else to pick up the crap again and throw in the other direction!"