Robert Pattinson's New Long Hair for Netflix Movie 'The King' Has Fans Losing Their Minds

Robert Pattinson rocks long hair in the trailer for his new movie The King, and social media has a lot of feelings about it. Pattinson has long been a heartthrob, but the new Netflix trailer has reminded some fans why. Others are not so impressed.

Pattinson has been an object of intense fan love for years. Even before the days of Twilight, he was beloved for his role as Cedric Diggory in the fourth Harry Potter movie. Over the years, Pattinson's status has not changed, as Twitter learned when his adoring fans came out of the wood work on Tuesday, when the trailer for The King dropped.

"I'm sorry did I just see Robert Pattinson in armor with long hair," one fan tweeted. "Um so I WILL be watching this."


"Robert Pattinson in this weave [really] disturbed my peace with his beauty," remarked a third.

Of course, the internet was not unanimous on Pattinson's new look, particularly the wig itself. Many people joked that he looked like Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone) from Twilight, one of his co-stars who wore long hair in the series.

Meanwhile, many others joked about the surreal presence of so much Pattinson in their news feed all of the sudden, giving them deja vu from a time when he dominated online fandom sites. This was especially comical since fans only got two brief glimpses of Pattinson on the screen, and he did not speak at all.

Pattinson plays the villain in The King, The Dauphin of France. He is at war against the star, King Henry V of England, played by Timothee Chalamet. In this version, the king apparently goes by the nickname "Hal."

The movie tells the story of Hal coming into his crown following the death of his tyrannical father, King Henry IV. Hal has turned his back on royal life in general, living among the people and disdaining the court. Now all at once, he is thrust back into leadership, politics and war.

Chalamet and Pattinson are just two of the big names attached to the film. Hal's father is played — however briefly — by Ben Mendelsohn, and his mentor, a drunken knight named John Falstaff, is played by Joel Edgerton. His eventual wife, Catherine of Valois, is played by Lily-Rose Depp.


The King is expected to get a limited release in theaters before making its way to Netflix for worldwide release. This is part of the streaming service's strategy to create original movies that are still eligible for awards like Oscars.

The exact release date for The King has not yet been revealed.