Real-Life 'Haunting of Hill House' Mansion Is Actually Haunted, Owners Say

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House may be based on Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name, [...]

Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House may be based on Shirley Jackson's novel of the same name, but the paranormal activity within Hill House isn't all that fictional.

According to Neil and Trish Liechty, the former owners of the mansion subbed in for Hill House in the Netflix series, the bone chilling scares that viewers have become familiar with actually hold some real-life basis with the couple claiming the home is actually haunted.

Speaking to The Blast, the Liechtys, who bought Bisham Manor in 2013 before it was used for filming in The Haunting of Hill House, said that the home is haunted by "four or five ghosts" that caused "strange things" to happen once they moved into the 11,000 sq-ft home located in LaGrange, Georgia.

On multiple occasions, the Liechtys reported hearing loud music playing from the basement despite no equipment to play music having been installed. Strange smells would also permeate throughout the house, such as a strong scent of tobacco smoke even though nobody in the home smoked. The spirits eventually upped the ante when they began taking things from the Liechtys, with Neil reporting one occasion when his cellphone suddenly went missing only to reappear weeks later in the very spot he had last seen it.

The couple sold the house last year, but the spirits weren't keen on leaving them be. Once settled into their new home, a winery called Nutwood Plantation, the Liechtys began experiencing similar paranormal events including battery operated candles with no batteries in them turning on when the clock struck midnight every night and one event in which two of the spirits made themselves seen in a photograph during a couple's wedding on the property.

The alleged hauntings may be due to the way in which Bisham Manor, where the hauntings began, was built.

Newly constructed between 1997-2002, the owner at the time chose to leave a single room intact from the original building. The Liechtys claim that much of the paranormal activity they experienced centered around the room, claiming that it seemed to be the "epicenter" of the paranormal events. Although they aren't sure who the ghosts are, they said they believe they may have died in another a home that used to sit on the property in the 1920s.

Bisham Manor eventually went on to be used as the exterior for The Haunting of Hill House, a series that is so scary that some viewers have reported suffering from sleep anxiety after watching it.

Photo credit: Netflix