Paramount+ Removes Handful of Original Shows and Movies

Paramount+ is the latest streaming service to remove original programming. A handful of titles disappeared recently from the Paramount Global service, including Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone reboot and The Real World: Homecoming. The news comes just after Showtime dropped several short-lived shows as it merges with Paramount+.

Peter Sarsgaard's Interrogation, Michael Chiklis' Coyote, the comedy No Activity, Keate Beckinsale's Guilty Party, and the animated series The Harper House were also removed, reports Deadline. The disappearance of The Real World: Homecoming is a surprise since the show has not been formally canceled yet. Since it debuted in 2021 with a season set in New York, there have been subsequent seasons set in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

The Twilight Zone is also a high-profile departure. The anthology series was the third reboot of the beloved Rod Serling sci-fi series, this time with Peele as the narrator. The first season debuted in 2019, with the second following in 2020. There were 20 episodes produced before the show was canceled. Kumail Nanjiani scored an Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series Emmy nomination for the series premiere "The Comedian."

Paramount+ removed the shows just after a handful of short-lived shows disappeared from the Showtime streaming app. Jim Carrey's Kidding, Kirsten Dunst's On Becoming A God in Central Florida, Jeff Daniels' American Rust, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Super Pumped were all removed. Acquired content like The End and Wakefield was also removed. On Monday, Paramount Global confirmed that Showtime will be merged with Paramount+ and rebranded "Paramount+ with Showtime." Once the merger is finalized this year, Showtime content will be available on Paramount+ with a premium subscription.

The Showtime-Paramount+ merger plans also resulted in three swift cancellations. Let The Right One In and American Gigolo were both canceled after one season. Three Women, a new series starring Shainele Woodley, was canceled before the first season even debuted. The entire season was filmed and is being shopped to other venues.

The future of the disappearing Paramount+ shows is unknown. Warner Bros. Discovery has removed dozens of HBO Max shows in recent months, but some of them are resurfacing as part of FAST channel packages for The Roku Channel and Tubi. Shows like Westworld, The Nevers, and FBoy Island will be available through these ad-supported streaming services that have become increasingly popular as viewers look for low-cost streaming options.