'Real World Homecoming New York': First Look at Original Cast With New Opening Credits

Real World Homecoming: New York is set to debut on Paramount+(formerly branded as CBS All Access), and the streaming service has shared the first look at the original cast with brand new opening credits for the show. The series is a reunion for the cast of the very first Real World season, widely considered to be the first-ever modern reality TV series. In the new opening credits, fans get a glimpse at each of the seven roommates as they appeared back in the early '90s, and how they look now.

A synopsis of the new reunion series explained, "Almost 30 years later, the original 'seven strangers' that paved the way for modern reality TV are moving back into the New York loft where it all began. Viewers will be reunited with the cast from the very first season of The Real World in a brand new multi-episode docu-series to find out, once again, what happens when they stop being polite... and start getting real." Real World Homecoming: New York begins streaming on March 4, the same days that Paramount+ launches around the world.

The original Real World cast is Kevin Powell, Eric Nies, Andre Comeau, Heather B. Gardner, Julie Gentry, Norman Korpi and Becky Blasband. The group recently spoke with The New York Times about returning to TV, with Powell declaring that the seven of them are tied together forever by their groundbreaking first season of The Real World on MTV. "No matter what, we’re connected for life by this," said Powell. "No one can say they were the first — we are the first."

Regarding how they'll approach confrontation this time around, Blasband — who originally went by Becky — said, "Hopefully we’ve reached this level where the slings and arrows and heatedness can mature into a rational conversation and a real discourse. Because that’s what we need in this country. We’ve become a combative society, and in that combat, we lose reason."

Reflecting on her decision to join the show three decades ago, Gardner — then a young rapper with a budding career — explained, "My record company didn’t understand it. And the hip-hop world didn’t initially embrace it. It took a lot of work to earn their stamp, of me being like, 'Yo, this was just a documentary — I didn’t quote-unquote sell out.'" Real World Homecoming: New York debuts this Friday, only on Paramount+, which fans can sign up for a free trial of right now.