Paramount+ Adds Much-Requested Feature

More than three months after ViacomCBS officially launched its new streaming service Paramount+, the app has added a much-requested feature that subscribers have been lobbying for. This week, Paramount+ added a "My List" feature to the app, something that was not previously available despite it being offered on other streaming platforms.

The My List feature allows subscribers to bookmark titles from the extensive Paramount+ library to watch at a later time, making it easier than ever to find your next show or film to view. It began appearing on the app this week. To use the new feature, subscribers can click on the My List "+" icon while on a title, which will then add it to their watchlist. Subscribers can then find the My List section on the Paramount+ home page below the Keep Watching row. Confirming the new feature, Paramount+ said, "Add them now. Watch them later. You asked. We listened. Introducing My List. Add your favorite shows and movies to your lineup with just a click."

Paramount+ officially launched on March 4, replacing the previous CBS All Access app. The lack of a watchlist feature had immediately become a talking point among subscribers. In a March 4-created Reddit thread, one person asked, "How can a new steaming service launch in 2021 without a watchlist?" Another person wrote that "not having a watchlist feature is absolutely ridiculous." Paramount+ addressed the lack of a watchlist in a note on its help page asking if a watchlist was available. In that note, the streamer teased one would soon be coming, writing, "Not yet, but we're working on a watchlist feature for the near future. Stay tuned!"

The My List feature is part of the latest Paramount+ update, according to Streaming Clarity. This means that current subscribers can expect to have the feature made available to them in the coming days, if they do not already have it. New subscribers should have the "My List" feature available immediately.


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