New Comedy From 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Producers Coming to Peacock: See the Teaser, First Look

Craig Robinson is reuniting with Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor and executive producer Luke Del Tredici for Killing It, an upcoming – and snake-filled – comedy from Peacock that premieres in April. The streamer released Killing It's teaser trailer and first-look images Thursday, giving fans a sneak peek of the hilarity that happens when one man stops at nothing to achieve the American dream.

"The story I'm about to tell you could only happen in the U.S.A.," a decked-out Robinson teases in the trailer, as images of his seemingly-luxurious life today intersperse with those of his work as a security guard and amateur snake-hunter. The 30-minute comedy has been ordered for 10 episodes in its first season.

Killing It stars Robinson as Craig, a man who will stop at nothing to come up from his humble beginnings, even compete in a state-sponsored python hunt. Stephanie Nogueras plays his ex-wife, Camille, with whom he co-parents their preteen daughter Vanessa, played by Jet Miller. Rell Battle plays Craig's younger brother, Isaiah, who doesn't let the law concern him when it comes to his own pursuit of the American dream.

(Photo: Peacock)

When it comes to the slithery side of the comedy, Claudia O'Doherty plays a down-on-her-luck Uber driver who first introduces Craig to the strange and lucrative snake-hunting world, while Scott Macarthur plays Brock, Craig's rival snake hunter and aspiring social media star. Wyatt Walter plays Brock's teenage son, Corby, who has been recruited as his dad's reluctant cameraman. 

(Photo: Peacock)

"We love all the ambitious, challenging, thematically-rich series that populate the current peak-TV landscape. We also love jokes. So, we tried to make a show that could deliver both," co-showrunners Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici said in a statement. "We wanted Killing It to explore America's quasi-religious obsession with entrepreneurship and wealth, and we also wanted it to be funny. Really, really funny. Plus, we wanted it to have big snakes."


"It's a daunting creative balancing act, but lucky for us, we were writing for Craig Robinson, a.k.a. the most likable man in the world," they continued. "His hilarious, effortlessly charming performance grounds even the wildest comic moments in something deeply human and relatable." Killing It streams this April on Peacock.