Netflix's Hilarious Twitter Troll Wishes You a 'Mariah Christmas'

Netflix has been embracing the Christmas season with a series of trolling profile changes, and it appears that Mariah Carey is the streaming platform's latest inspiration.

The minds behind the U.S. Netflix Twitter account changed their profile name to "Netflix 'Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas' US." The festive middle name is the title of Carey's 2015 Hallmark Channel Christmas special, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

To top that off, the profile's bio section now says "You can't spell 'Christmas' without Mariah."


While this seems like this is a bit more earnest that the platform's recent Christmas Prince-inspired troll, it's still a humorous take for the holiday season.

Even Carey herself doesn't seem to mind the shoutout, as she acknowledged it with praise on her own Twitter profile.


"Haaa!! I love Netflix!" Carey wrote. "Currently watching The Crown!"

For those interested in seeing the Christmas special that inspired the troll, Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas is currently streaming on Netflix.