Netflix Executive Fired Over 'Careless' Danny Masterson Remark Apologizes

The Netflix executive who said that the company didn't believe the accusers of The Ranch actor Danny Masterson is now speaking out.

The exec, Andy Yeatman, was fired after telling one of Masterson's sexual assault accusers that Netflix didn't believe the accusations. Yeatman shared his account and regrets surrounding the moment that led to his downfall with The Hollywood Reporter.

Yeatman says he was approached by a woman at his child's soccer game, and she asked him about his job at Netflix. Assuming she was simply a fellow parent curious about the company, he obliged. She then asked him why Netflix hadn't yet fired Masterson from The Ranch.

"I should have excused myself and referred her to someone at the company who was authorized to discuss the show," Yeatman wrote. "Unfortunately, I didn't. My reply, which I hoped would end the conversation so I could refocus on coaching, came out horribly wrong. I said: 'Netflix takes these things very seriously. Maybe in this case we don't believe them [the accusations].' I immediately regretted it."

"When she told me that she was one of the victims before walking away, my heart sank," he continued.

Yeatman went on to recount the public backlash and firing that followed. He also said the media mischaracterized his apology to the woman, and that he was truly remorseful for his actions.

"I realize now that my words on that Los Feliz soccer field inadvertently reinforced the widely held and well-founded belief on the part of sexual assault victims that people in power presumptively do not believe them," he wrote. "I have always strived to be thoughtful and conscientious. But in that brief moment, I came up short and unintentionally spilled salt on some very real wounds. I apologized for this at the time and take full responsibility for it today."

He also added that he and his family were "shook" by the online harassment they faced after the story broke since he claims they "have always stood with those fighting to end sexual abuse and harassment."

He also added that he hopes to be a "part of the solution" to the ongoing issue of sexual assault and harassment in the entertainment business.

Netflix fired Masterson on Dec. 5, and Yeatman was fired on Dec. 12.


Masterson has denied all the allegations levied against him.

Photo Credit: Netflix / Greg Gayne