Netflix's Cancellation Bloodbath Continues With Another Animated Show

It's culling season over on Netflix as yet another Netflix Original is canceled. Unfortunately for fans of Dead End, the show itself is dead. Netflix canceled Dead End: Paranormal Park "a while" ago, per a tweet from creator Hamish Steele published on Friday. Apparently, he and his team had already ramped up production for Season 3 but the company reversed its decision — an unfortunate, growing trend in television as of late.

"Hello friends, I have held onto this news for a while now, hoping that we could reverse it, change it, make something good out of it. But sadly I don't think that's possible right now. It's with a heavy heart that I tell you Dead End is over," Steele wrote. "Obviously we never wanted this to be the case. In fact, we did a writers room for Season 3. We have scripts and designs and outlines ready to go. It was always the plan to give these characters the proper ending they deserve. But sadly, the powers that be don't want any more.

"Honestly we were lucky to make it through everything happening in the last few years. And I want to emphasize my gratitude to Netflix for commissioning the show and for giving us the freedom to tell this story. We made history together and I couldn't be prouder of those twenty episodes and every single member of our crew. I want to give a huge thank you to the fans. Your art, cosplay, fic, reactions, TikToks and every interaction with me has been a delight.

"I've been so anxious to post this news thinking about you lot. I hope you'll be ok. So… a sad day. But I believe we will finish this story some day, some how. For now, I am working hard on the third and final DeadEndia book which I hope offers some closure. And I continue to pitch shows with the same heart as Dead End. But until then, I hope Barney, Norma, Pugsley, Courtney and the whole Phoenix Parks crew will continue to give you comfort in times of darkness."

Dead End: Paranormal Park ended up with two seasons (20 episodes total). Steele adapted the show from his own graphic novel series DeadEndia. In addition to another volume of the books, Steele assured a friend that he has "plenty of awesome stuff in development."

Dead End: Paranormal Park is the latest casualty of Netflix's 2023 cancellation spree. In addition to fellow animated series Inside Job, Dead End joins axed shows Uncoupled, 1899 and Mo, in addition to some original reality shows that are being totally purged from the platform.