Netflix Purging Another Original Reality Show Next Week

After spending the past several years expanding its reality TV lineup, one Netflix original reality show is leaving Netflix this month. On Tuesday, Jan. 17, all 10 episodes of the Australian reality series Yummy Mummies, a Netflix original, will leave the Netflix streaming library. The departure follows that of other reality titles including Teen Mom 2 and The Challenge.

Originally premiering on Australia's Seven Network in 2017 before arriving as a Netflix original in December 2018, Yummy Mummies is essentially Teen Mom meets Netflix meets Australian reality TV. The reality show follows four young, wealthy, expectant moms throughout their pregnancies as they delve into a chaotic new reality with newborn babies. The first season, currently streaming on Netflix, featured Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, Rachel Watts, Maria DiGeronimo, and Iva Marra. Although the series aired for two seasons before being canceled, per, only the first season is available on Netflix. It is scheduled to leave on Jan. 17.

Although the series is tagged as a Netflix original series, it aired on Australia's Seven Network and was produced by Seven Studios. Netflix only served as the U.S. distributor for the show, making it likely that the streamer's licensing deal with Seven Studios may have recently reached its expiration date, prompting those titles produced by Seven Studios, including the hit Australian reality how Instant Hotel, to be pulled from Netflix's content catalogue. It is unclear if these titles will end up on a different streaming platform in the U.S. It is also unclear if Netflix intends to renew its licensing deal with Seven Studios, which could see both Yummy Mummies and Instant Hotel return to the platform.


While fans will no longer be able to stream either of the above titles, Netflix has no shortage of content for reality TV lovers. The streamer is currently dropping new episodes weekly of its hit original series The Circle, which is currently in its fifth season and acts as a social experiment, putting a group of contestants into a social media platform known as The Circle in a contest of popularity. Later this month, the streamer is set to debut its Bling Empire spinoff Bling Empire: New York. The streamer is also home to reality TV titles including Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, Who is the Mole?, and Selling Sunset, among many others.