Netflix Quietly Canceled Another Show This Summer

In the streaming era of television, pop culture fans of all tastes are getting more television than ever. However, that also means there are more TV show cancellations than ever. While media and online chatter have run rampant with all the changes and cuts going down on HBO Max, Netflix's typical bloodbath of content curbing hasn't stopped. We've reported on multiple shows that Netflix gutted over the summer, often with little to no notice from the media, and we now have one more to add to that list: Adventure Beast.

Adventure Beast, a one-season animated comedy, was among Netflix's cuts this year. Despite no trades reporting on the axing, kudos to What's on Netflix — a go-to news source for all the comings and goings of Netflix's catalog, for reporting on the cancellation back on June 10. The outlet noted that while the show seemed to be in limbo — meaning that no news had broken on renewal or cancellation — for months after its Oct. 22, 2021 release, it was now effectively canceled.

The outlet received an email from an unspecified Netflix source, saying, "At this stage, Netflix have no plans to produce Season 2 unfortunately." Adventure Beast ran for 12 episodes total. The show's official synopsis reads: "ADVENTURE BEAST is a new adult-animated comedy series about life in the wild that takes us deeper into the wonders of nature than we probably should go. Each episode follows Bradley Trevor Greive, a semi-indestructible wildlife expert who travels the globe studying and rescuing animals. Along the way, he shares with us truly astonishing, sometimes risqué facts that other wildlife shows would be too polite to mention.

"BTG is joined on these expeditions by his fearless Junior Field Assistant and favorite niece, Bonnie, and his fearful-of-absolutely-everything Senior FieldAssistant, Dietrich. Jungles, deserts, oceans, glaciers… no matter where the mission takes them, the team constantly finds themselves surrounded by all kinds of fascinating animals that are just waiting for the chance to kill them. And, every adventure is told through BTG's unique voice and twisted view of nature."

Mark Gravas and Bradley Trevor Greive co-created the show. Its main cast members included Greive (BTG), Danice Cabanela (Bonnie) and Josh Zuckerman (Dietrich). All episodes of Season 1 are still streaming on Netflix. Previously canceled by Netflix with little to no notice were Standing UpQ-Force and the utterly stunning The Midnight Gospel. Those latter two come as the streamer is canceling tons of animated projects.