When to Expect Netflix List of What's Coming and Going in March

The streaming catalogue on Netflix is updated just about every quarter, and the changes coming in March will be announced in the company's newsletter, due out on Thursday, Feb. 22.

As always, Netflix will be adding all kinds of content to their roster. Some will be new and original content as the company continues to push toward self-sufficiency and invest in creative up-and-comers. Other additions will include classic TV shows and movies in an effort to get or keep subscribers just looking for a nostalgic re-watch or a comforting sitcom binge.

Some of the titles coming to Netflix in March have already been announced or leaked. Forgetting Sarah Marshall will be making its way into homes ten years after its original release, and it is rumored to be accompanied by a host of other Judd Apatow projects.

According to E! News, the streaming giant has also picked up Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, the 80s supernatural comedy smash hits that were controversially rebooted last year.

As always, the new additions will coincide with some sad goodbyes as programming leaves Netflix. Now might be a good time to watch those shows in your queue that you've been promising your friend you'd check out for months. There's no official word yet on what subscribers will have to say goodbye to, but we'll know for sure on Thursday.

Netflix has made some bold cuts in the past several months, especially in the territory of classic and binge-worthy TV. A whole host of shows that audiences watch and re-watch over and over again left Netflix as the company works to promote their original content over all others. For the unadventurous viewer, this has made Hulu an increasingly more attractive option.

The trend continues, as rumors suggest Netflix will lean heavily on original series in March. Season 2 of the superhero smash hit Jessica Jones is arriving on the 8th, and the second installment of A Series of Unfortunate Events will arrive on March 2nd.


However, some believe that Netflix has a few things in store for old-school viewers as well. According to DailyMail, 3rd Rock from the Sun is coming in March, offering binge-watchers that burst of 90s nostalgia they're always looking for. In addition, more seasons of Glee will reportedly become available by the end of the month.

The full list of programs coming to and going from Netflix will be out on Thursday, Feb. 22.