Netflix Fans Left 'Traumatized' After 'Fractured' Ending

As Halloween draws closer, Netflix fans looking for a seriously spooky movie can steel themselves to press play on the 2019 thriller Fractured, which has a twist ending so wild that viewers have been claiming to be "traumatized" after the credits roll.

Spoilers for Fractured ahead.

Starring Sam Worthington as Ray and Lily Rabe as his wife Joanne, Fractured kicks off when a blown tire leads to a car accident leaving the couple's daughter Peri, played by Lucy Capri, injured. Rushing the little girl to surgery at the hospital, Ray falls asleep as his Peri is cared for, only to awaken to a wild new situation.

Both his daughter and wife have vanished when Ray comes to, while the hospital has no record of any of them ever arriving. As Ray desperately searches for answers, he discovers something far from normal occurring in the inner workings of the hospital, but a major twist at the end throws everything Ray has learned into question and has been leaving viewers with their jaws on the floor.

As they worked to process what they saw, Netflix users took to Twitter to voice their horror and confusion.

Director Brad Anderson addressed the game-changer of a final shot in an interview with Fresh Fiction, saying after showing Ray's "sense of accomplishment and being a hero," by rescuing his family they decided to throw a wrench in things.

Anderson continued, "But then we kept it rolling, and in the last frames, you start to see his face fall, like it just dawned on him. That wasn't in the script. In the script, it ends with, 'Ray drives off into the sunset with his family.' But I wanted to add a little of ambiguity for his character."


"I wonder if he will wake up to the truth or not," he said. "That's the question at the end of the movie. Depending on how bleak of an outlook you have on things, you can say better that he live in self-delusion, which is better than him living in reality."

Photo credit: Netflix