Netflix Removing 19 Titles on Halloween

'Reservoir Dogs' and ' Ferris Bueller's Day Off' are among the titles leaving Netflix on Oct. 31.

Netflix subscribers are used to the streamer adding and dropping titles each month, and October is no different. This month, Netflix has added some great movies and TV shows, including a handful of Originals, but it's also shuffled a few things loose, with more headed for the chopping block. In fact, on Halloween, Netflix will be losing a total of 19 titles.

The movies that will no longer be available on Netflix after Oct. 31 are as follows: Cliffhanger; Collateral; Coming to America; Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Girl, Interrupted; Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie; LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE; Mile 22; No Strings Attached; Pride & Prejudice; Reservoir Dogs; Steel Magnolias; Terminator Genisys; and both Pink Panther films. This will also be viewers' last chance to stream these TV shows: Into the Badlands: Seasons 1-3, Tagged: Seasons 1-3, The Thundermans: Seasons 1-2, and Victorious: Seasons 1-2.

While there will be a lot of movies and shows that Netflix streamers won't have access to after Halloween, there is also a lot of brand-new content that will be available. One classic film that fans will want to add to their watchlist is the Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and Dermot Mulroney love triangle rom-com My Best Friend's Wedding. Last year, had a chance to speak with Mulroney, and he offered his reflections on the film in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

Praising the film's legacy, Mulroney started by saying, "It's a classic. Incredible." He then went on to reveal how he'd recently been in contact with all of his co-stars from the film. "I'll even say this, this week alone, I was in touch with each of them. I haven't talked to Cameron that much recently, but we were in touch, and Rupert, and Julia," Mulroney said. "It was a magical movie. I mean, we all know that it comes off of the screen. It comes off of that DVD, that was sitting in your house all those years. Stacked to that way, and there's me. I'm this big, but I'm standing on the boat with Julia, right up there on the top of the spine, in that DVD, in your house, all those years."

Referring to another classic movie he stared in, Mulroney added, "It's not even a matter in the number of years because it's still on an up, in some ways like Zodiac. It's actually getting better because it's collecting more people in its wake. Now, it's not, 'I watched that with my best friend.' It became, 'I watched that with my mother.' And now, 'I've watched that with my grandmother.'"

He also elaborated on how My Best Friend's Wedding has stood the test of time. "We rolled into our third generation of movie-loving, love-loving people, that love love," he said. "That movie just, it's got so many good parts in it. It's incredible. You can think about it all day, and be, 'Oh, then there's that scene. Then there's that scene in the bathroom, on the steps of the L, at the karaoke, at the lobster joint.' It's crazy. It just goes on and on, and it will live forever. For that, I'm just so deeply grateful, to be in that, to be still working. It's incredible."