Netflix ‘Acquires’ Seth Rogen for April Fool's Day Joke

Netflix has 'acquired' Seth Rogen's entire existence, or, well, that's what they want subscribers [...]

Netflix has "acquired" Seth Rogen's entire existence, or, well, that's what they want subscribers to think.

For the streaming service's April Fool's Day gag, they began promoting banners on their service and social media accounts that read "Netflix Acquires Seth Rogen" and featured a headshot of the actor.

On April Fool's Day, Netflix subscribers were met with a program of the same name. The six-minute video sees Rogen entering Netflix's headquarters, signing a dubious contract and undergoing several tests.

"If it worked for Adam Sandler, it will work for me," Rogen says.

Netflix then hooks Rogen up to some strange equipment and locks him in a room to create his next great project. They even provide him with some marijuana to inspire him, but he notes that he does not smoke much any more, much like when he made The Green Hornet and Guilt Trip.

"Yeah, we're gonna need you to go ahead and smoke all that pot," the Netflix representative tells him.

After a while, Rogen is released after coming up with a handful of ideas, including a story about a lava and and bong going on an adventure and a movie about a semen-covered sock called White Sock Down.

He is then allowed to attend the Hilarity for Charity comedy event, which will stream on the service (in real life) starting April 6.

Along with the viral video shenanigans, the streaming service also set up an email address ( where fans can "contact" Rogen with "all Seth Rogen inquiries."

When you email the address, you get a humorous out of office message from Rogen.

"Hello loyal fan / persistent detractor, I am currently away from my desk doing rich successful Hollywood things like hanging out at an exclusive club or getting into a fight with the Del Taco counter staff," the message reads. "If you have any questions that need immediate attention, please feel free to search your local police scanner for mentions of Del Taco. Best, Seth Rogen."

There is also an additional note in the email claiming that Rogen is "a wholly owned and licensed subsidiary of Netflix Inc." and "any unlawful reproduction of Seth Rogen will result in Netflix terminating the real Seth to end the cycle of Rogen causality."

The "Netflix Acquires Seth Rogen" skit is now available to stream on Netflix. Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity will be available on April 6.