Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Netflix Project at the Middle of Rumors, But Here's the Truth

One of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's projects with Netflix, a "multi-episode" reality show, will reportedly air in December. In advance of the premiere, there have been rumors that the royal duo has been making major revisions to the program. However, the Daily Beast reported that this isn't exactly the truth.

A source explained to the Daily Telegraph that there are some edits that need to be made to the series before it launches on Netflix. But, those revisions aren't anything outside of the norm and are a far cry from the major edits that have been rumored. The insider said, "There seems to be a big misconception that they need or want to turn the project on its head. There are always edits being made, but that's how it works—people give notes, sometimes things are changed if there's time before a deadline."

The same individual also explained to the publication exactly what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's new show will entail. They said, "This is about where they've come from, what they've been through and where they are…I think it will explain a lot about the decisions they've had to make and how they've ended up here." As for the release date for the show, there has reportedly been some "back and forth" on when it might launch. Although, the Daily Telegraph did report that the show is expected to drop on Netflix in December. 

This show isn't the only project that they have on their plate at the moment. Harry's memoir is also expected to be released soon. While the memoir was previously rumored to drop sometime in late 2022, the book is now eyeing a release date in the following year. A source said about the memoir, "The Harry memoir will follow, probably next year and likely subject to edits to make it make sense after the queen's death, even down to the basics of clarifying the tenses."


There has been some talk about what Harry and Markle's show will entail, especially in light of Queen Elizabeth II's death. Even though their relationship with the rest of the British royal family has been strained over the past few years, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex still put on a united front with everyone for Elizabeth's funeral services. Nevertheless, their recent time in the United Kingdom reportedly did not help mend Harry and Markle's relationship with the rest of the royal family.