Martin Kove Reveals New 'Cobra Kai' Project

Martin Kove has a new project that's focused on Cobra Kai. The 75-year-old actor who stars as John Kreese in the Netflix series has launched a new podcast called Kicking it With The Koves (previously Cobra Koves), according to Deadline. The podcast is produced by PodcastOne and Kove along with his fraternal twins, Jesse and Rachel, recap the episodes of Cobra Kai

Along with the recaps, Kove will share stories from The Karate Kid trilogy and give his insight into their own family. There will also be various guests on the show including actors, musicians, and athletes. "As a Karate Kid fan growing up, and now a Cobra Kai fan, I could not be more excited to welcome the Kove's to the PodcastOne family.  The stories and insight that Martin, Jesse, and Rachel will share on Cobra Koves will capture and charm everyone from television fans to film buffs to listeners looking for a set of dynamic hosts delivering top notch content.  We cannot wait to share this podcast with the world," Kit Gray, President of PodcastOne, said in a statement.

Kove joined Cobra Kai to reprise his Karate Kid character at end of Season 1. Since then, he has become the main villain in the series, trying to take down Johnny Lawrence (Williams Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). In Season 4, Thomas Ian Griffith returned to reprise his role as Terry Silver. Kreese and Silver teamed up to make the Cobra Kai dojo a force in the All Valley Karate Tournament. 

In an interview with San Antonio Current in January, Kove was asked if he thinks anyone ever roots for Kreese. "Oh, yeah, I think so," he said. "Season 4 is really exciting. There are touches of vulnerability [in Kreese] that you wouldn't expect. Kreese is not an evil villain. As Season 4 progresses, there will be a lot of surprises. People are learning to appreciate [Kreese] a lot more. All the characters [in Cobra Kai] aren't written in black and white like they were in the movies. In the movies, it was written as the good guys versus the bad guys. We were the bad guys and [Daniel] and Miyagi were the good guys. Now, everybody's a little gray."


Season 4 of Cobra Kai premiered on New Year's Eve. The cast and crew finished filming Season 5 before Christmas last year, but the released date of the upcoming season has not been announced.