Major 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Star Exits Ahead of Season 2

Josh Stewart has exited as Will LaMontagne Jr.

Criminal Minds: Evolution will be seeing a major change for its upcoming season. Josh Stewart confirmed that he will not be appearing in the second season of the Paramount+ revival as William LaMontagne Jr. A fan had asked him on X (formerly known as Twitter) if they will be seeing him for the new season of Criminal Minds: Evolution, which had just started production, but Stewart admitted, "No sadly, my days of playing Will LaMontagne Jr. are over. You guys have been the absolute best."

Stewart first appeared as the detective in Season 2 and would soon form a relationship with A.J. Cook's JJ. The two got married and had two kids, played on-screen by Cook's own sons. The first season of Evolution saw Will facing a cancer scare. Not much is known about how he will be written out, if at all, as the series could keep the character going, just off-screen. It would be a little harder and wouldn't be good for fans who have long shipped JJ with Matthew Gray Gubler's Spencer Reid. Since production did just start following the strikes, hopefully more information will be announced soon.

As for why Stewart isn't returning, it could be a number of reasons. From the sounds of Josh Stewart's tweet, it's hard to tell if he decided it himself or if he was told he wasn't returning. Whatever the case may be, that doesn't necessarily mean that Stewart won't ever return to Criminal Minds. Depending on where they put his character in the upcoming season, a door could remain open. Of course, that also depends on Evolution's future beyond Season 2.

Meanwhile, it's been a long time coming for Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2. The Criminal Minds revival was renewed for another season just over a year ago. Evolution's season finale aired in February 2023, making fans wonder who is Harry Bring and what in the world is Goldstar? Production on the second season was paused in May 2023 because of the writers' strike and only stalled further once the actors' strike began. Not long after the SAG-AFTRA strike ended, Paget Brewster admitted in November that filming was going to start in January, and that was true.

While a premiere date has yet to be revealed, now that production has finally started on Season 2, it shouldn't be long until more details are announced. Including how Will is written out. Fans can watch all 16 seasons of Criminal Minds on Paramount+ to keep occupied.