'Criminal Minds' Fans Are Freaking out Over This Smooth Detail

Criminal Minds may have ended its original run over three years ago, but fans are freaking out over a recently-discovered and really smooth detail. The Instagram account itscmquotes pointed out that one scene has perhaps one of the smoothest transitions ever, as the camera focuses on a house at night, and the driveway is soon filled with cop cars and caution tape before the camera pans out even more, and it's all on a TV screen that the team is using, and I have to give them a round of applause.

Fans appropriately freaked out over the transition, with victoria_blouin saying that they "love the transitions. There was one where I gasped so loud because it was just so smooth. They do such a good job," while cupajoe99 says that while "it's an 'easy' edit to do, it's clever, and that's what makes it cool. You can use simple, easy techniques that take no budget to do really cool things, and that's the point." Many more have praised the transition and editing, even pointing out some other great scenes, as well, proving that there is yet another reason to love Criminal Minds, as if fans really needed another reason, though.

While the transition isn't much, it is still pretty impressive and smooth as heck. With a show that has a lot of big action sequences and some creepy scenes, it's not so surprising since it just adds another layer to the case. Criminal Minds has had some pretty impressive scenes throughout its 15-season run, and it's continuing on Criminal Minds: EvolutionWhether fans will see any of those smooth transitions in Season 2 of the revival is unknown, so they will have to tune in whenever the new episodes air, which could be a while since production is currently paused due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Thanks to streaming, fans have been able to rewatch Criminal Minds as much as they want and are able to really appreciate the series like they never have before. While Evolution is also streaming on Paramount+, the first season of the revival did become available on DVD recently with some bonus features so fans would be able to watch even more of the Paramount+ original while anxiously waiting for the upcoming second season, which should keep people occupied until the BAU finally comes back.