'Lucifer' Season 6 Review: Nearly Perfect Buildup With a Lackluster Finale (Spoiler-Free)

Lucifer Season 6 is here! As someone who's binged the entire show this past year to lead coverage of the show here at PopCulture.com, I'm glad to say all that time bingeing the FOX-turned-Netflix DC Comics series was worth it because the final season is good! Well, it flops when comes to the actual series finale, but the season overall is actually one of the series' best.

This 10-episode drop is the final bow for Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and their supporting cast, and it delivers a rare final season that most shows aren't lucky enough to get (see GLOW, Santa Clarita Diet and countless others). The Lucifer team knew this was their final go-around after already dropping what could have easily been a finale in Season 5, and they let things breathe and resolve themselves perfectly.

We get a couple more strange murder mystery capers; we get series reveals fans would have been fuming about if they didn't finally happen; we get massive relationship moments; and we get a whole lot of characters figuring s— out and growing closer! It focuses on the things that it's hard for a show like Lucifer to dole out in such potent doses due to the never-ending cycle of having a big bad. But they (mostly) break the mold by having a time-centric mystery drive the plot as opposed to an antagonistic force.

As noted, the series finale kinda sucks. It tries to force in a returning villain at the last minute, and it just comes off dumb. (You can ask my dog — I was literally saying "This is dumb" out loud during some scenes.) But at least we do get a finite conclusion, though, so that's something! 

Other things I didn't really like? Well, obviously death is hard to sell in the Lucifer universe given there are freaking gods and monsters and the afterlife at play. But Dan's (Kevin Alejandro) heavy involvement really takes the punch out of his Season 5 death, which was SUCH a moving moment (for the characters. I am a certified Dan hater and felt nothing.) Also, I just can't shake this feeling that Chloe is an afterthought in this and in the previous season. Like obviously she's a still huge part of the show, but I just feel that she hasn't gotten her deserved shine as she delegated to Lucifer's assistant most of the time.

Things I loved about Lucifer Season 6:

  • that charming bastard Tom Ellis
  • the supporting cast that just never fails to deliver
  • the murder mysteries
  • the animated sequences (Why were people so furious these happened? It was fun!)
  • newcomers Brianna Hildebrand and Merrin Dungey
  • the callbacks to Season 1
  • the penultimate episode

Things I hated about Lucifer Season 6:

  • Dan (once again, I'm a Certified Hater Boy)
  • the finale
  • the sidelining of Scarlett Estevez's Trixie (obviously real-life scheduling played into this, I know)
  • Chloe not just getting the shine I feel she deserves
  • Did I mention Dan?

If you are into police procedurals that mix in supernatural beings and a healthy amount of sex, Lucifer is the show for you, regardless of if the finale lands for everyone. If you're already a fan, this is an amazing swan song I'm so glad we got to see. Enjoy these characters (even Dan) one last time! All episodes of Lucifer, including Season 6, are currently available on Netflix.