'Loot' Season 2: 'SNL' Alum Ana Gasteyer Joins Maya Rudolph in New Episode of Apple TV+ Comedy (Exclusive Clip)

Gasteyer appears as a potential investor in Rudolph's character's latest philanthropic project.

It's an SNL reunion on Loot. In the above exclusive clip from the second season of the Apple TV+ comedy LootMaya Rudolph's billionaire philanthropist Molly Wells and her right-hand woman Sofia Salinas (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez) seek funding for their "Space for Everyone" initiative from potential investor Grace, played by Saturday Night Live alum Ana Gasteyer

The new season finds Molly embracing her role as the head of the Wells Foundation a year after her high-profile divorce while navigating the complexities of her newfound single life and wellness journey alongside her ever-reliable assistant Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster) and the rest of the foundation's quirky team.

According to the official synopsis, Salinas continues to run the Wells Foundation with compassion and efficiency, but her all-business attitude is thrown for a loop when she meets Molly's charismatic architect friend, Isaac (O-T Fagbenle). Howard (Funches) and Nicholas' bromance continues to develop as they support one another both at work and outside of it. In the meantime, Arthur (Nat Faxon) has moved past his feelings for Molly and developed a new devil-may-care attitude, which he conveys with a lame leather bracelet. 

There is also the issue of Molly's foundation team, including Rhonda (Meagen Fay) and Ainsley (Stephanie Styles), who have to work together as colleagues and friends to satisfy Molly's promise of giving away all of her vast fortune. The season promises a bevy of fantastic guest stars, not the least of which is Benjamin Bratt, Molly's potential love interest. 

Movieweb spoke to Rudolph about Loot's upcoming season, and asked the comedian what it was like to share the screen with Bratt. "Okay, so that's a two-parter [question]. So, the first part about Double B is he is a dreamboat — for real," she said. "And like the most delightful, the hottest, sweetest… [he] came ready to play, and like just full-on 'Best Guest Supreme." Perfect. He's perfect. I'll have him back any anytime."

When questioned about potential storylines for a hypothetical third season of Loot, the star and executive producer pondered what exciting developments she'd like to see play out. "Oh, I really want the Wells Foundation to explore the world. I want them to travel. I want them to get out of their bubble… Los Angeles is a big city but it's not the whole world and I feel like it's time it's time to shine. It's time to move, and I feel like maybe they've outgrown their little pot. So, I can see them seeing the world together. Because I feel like, I'm going to guess Sofia hasn't traveled much. And I think it would be fun to see Sofia in Paris. So, [the show] on location, let's put that on record right now."